When you wish to stop the Android ReachUC app from ringing when you receive an inbound call to your PBX extension, there are two options:

  • The first option is to enable the DND (do not disturb) function in the in the ReachUC app.  This is done by the Clicking on the Registration icon in the ReachUC app and then turning on DND via the toggle switch. See the process below for both Android and iOS.

For Android: 

For IOS: 

The second option is to remove the ReachUC device from routing in the PBX portal.  This can be done by logging-in to the PBX portal and disabling the answering rule that includes the ReachUC device or editing the answering rules to not include your ReachUC extension (the one with the ‘m’ postfix e.g. 1000m)